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Our projects

Every project we undertake is a source of pride for us. We strive to not only meet our clients' expectations but to exceed them. Welcome to the gallery of our accomplishments - a collection of exceptional projects that we happily showcase. Note that many of these continue to evolve even after successful deployment. This is proof that we understand the dynamics of business and are ready to support our clients at every stage of their growth.

Do you want to discuss our portfolio with your team, during a meeting, or need a printed version? We provide our portfolio for download in PDF format.

BEAUTY MANAGER Unifying Business Operations for Beauty Salons and Hairdressers

Project Overview

Beauty Manager is a cutting-edge platform designed to streamline the management of beauty salons and hairdressing businesses. With client management, service ordering, employee scheduling, and pricing configurations, we've introduced an unparalleled level of efficiency into the beauty industry.

RAVAPI CARRIER SYSTEM Elevating Business Efficiency through Automation

Project Overview

Discover how we revolutionized RAVAPI's business operations with a bespoke, browser-based software solution. We streamlined administrative tasks, bolstered data security, and enhanced user experiences, resulting in increased productivity across the board. Dive in to learn more about our dynamic collaboration and the cutting-edge technologies we leveraged in this comprehensive project.

GROWTH MASTER Revolutionizing Learning with a Unified Online Courses Platform

Project Overview

We bridged the gap between online course sales and client databases with GROWTH MASTER, a platform designed to foster a growing self-help community. Our bespoke web and mobile applications simplify course creation and management, product sales, and importantly, provide users with unrestricted access to course contents and videos on both mobile and desktop devices. With integrated Stripe and PayU payment services, flexible subscription options, and an intuitive, modern interface, tracking course progress and user habits has never been easier. Discover our dynamic collaboration and the cutting-edge technologies that power this comprehensive project, creating a platform that intuitively scales to a user's device for effortless access to self-improvement resources.

VISASTART.EU Crafting a Multilingual Digital Presence for Vista Start Group

Project Overview

Unveiling our work on a professional, responsive, and multilingual website for Vista Start Group, a dynamic temporary employment agency. Through a blend of elegant design, SEO optimization, and an intuitive content management system, we've facilitated a robust platform for company-client interaction. Dive in to discover more about this project and the cutting-edge technologies that brought it to life.

BEZPROBLEM.EU Boosting Brand Recognition and Candidate Attraction

Project Overview

Join us in the journey of creating a professional, responsive, and multilingual website for Bezproblem, aimed at boosting brand recognition and attracting more job candidates. Leveraging a clean, well-organized design, multiple language support, and a dedicated contact form, we've transformed the company's digital presence. Click to explore more about this project and the advanced technologies we utilized to make it a reality.

RAVAPI.EU Brand Recognition and Automating Candidate Registration

Project Overview

Explore our work on Ravapi.eu, where we aimed to amplify the brand's recognition and streamline the candidate registration process. We created a customized website that supports multiple languages, features an intuitive payment forecasting calculator, and enables automatic document generation for new registrants. Click to dive deeper into this project and discover the innovative technologies we used to revolutionize Ravapi's candidate acquisition process.

SMITHINGSYSTEMS.COM Creating Our Own Digital Identity

Project Overview

Delve into our journey of self-discovery as we created SmithingSystems.com. Our project goal was to present an accurate, up-to-date, and responsive digital image of our brand, reflecting our expertise in software development. Our custom-built website supports multiple languages and features an intuitive contact form and a content management system for real-time updates. Click to learn more about our process, technology, and future plans for this evolving project.