VISASTART.EU Website for Vista Start Group Temporary Employment Agency

Project goals

The main goal of the project was to create a professional, responsive, and efficient website for the temporary employment agency Vista Start Group, meeting Material Design standards. The website aimed to facilitate cooperation with companies and help thousands of people find temporary work.

Why were we chosen?

We were recommended by RAVAPI, for whom we had previously developed both the ravapi.eu website and the Ravapi Carrier System. Our past achievements and successes in projects for RAVAPI convinced the client to choose our team as the right partner for the Vista Start Group project.

Scope of work

  • Preparation of UI and UX mockups
  • Creation of a custom website compliant with Material Design
  • Support for three languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian
  • SEO optimization for the main page and subpages
  • Implementation of a contact form for companies and candidates
  • Implementation of a content management system (CMS) using Strapi
  • Infrastructure maintenance and website deployment

Way of collaboration

Throughout the entire project process, we maintained constant contact with the client, presenting progress and discussing suggestions. We carried out the entire process from concept to deployment comprehensively, also taking care of infrastructure maintenance.


As a result, a modern, responsive website was created, available in three languages: Polish, English, and Ukrainian. We designed a website with an elegant and legible layout, in accordance with Material Design principles. The website contains various sections such as agency information, offered services, a section for candidates, and job offers, making it easy for visitors to access all essential information.

The website features a content management system (CMS) based on Strapi, allowing the client to quickly and easily deploy new subpages and modify the content of existing ones. We also implemented a contact form that makes it easier for both companies and candidates to collaborate with the agency.

In addition, the main page and all subpages are optimized for SEO, contributing to better visibility of the website in search results and increasing its traffic.

Technologies used


Post-implementation support

We remain in contact with Vista Start Group, ready to take action for them whenever needed. The website has not required our constant attention for some time, but we can see that it still serves its purpose excellently. As a result, the client can focus on growing their business and helping thousands of people find temporary work across Poland.