GROWTH MASTER Building a Unified Online Courses Platform

Screenshot of Growth Master project

Project goals

The project's main goal was to unify the online courses sales pipeline with clients or leads database and to create a place where the self-help community will grow.

Our proposed solution was to give the ability to manage and create courses with ease, and product sales, but what's most importantly gave users casual access to contents and videos shared within courses by mobile and desktop devices.

Why were we chosen?

Our professionalism and project engagement give no doubts that we would create the highest quality product which will benefit our client and platform's users.

Scope of work

  • Create a web application and mobile applications for Android and iOS
  • Integration with Stripe and PayU payment services
  • Giving the users different payment abilities as subscriptions
  • Integration with marketing tools such as Active Campaign
  • An easier way of tracking users' habits and progress
  • Easy and clear access to courses' content and videos, tracking lessons' progress The listed elements of the scope are not all implementations under the project.

Way of collaboration

The project started with a wide analysis to precisely set the project scope of work. We have presented mock-ups to our clients would be able to imagine the end product. Communication took place via popular video chat tools, telephone, and e-mail.

We created a test instance, and because of that, it was possible to freely track the progress of our work and test how the platform works.


As part of the project, we created a web application available from the web browser. In addition to the web app, we created a mobile application for Android and iOS systems.

Setting up all integrations and precisely managing the payment services so it fits with the payment and usage process was a challenge.

The user interface is designed to be clear, modern, and easy to use. To meet that goal, we followed the principles of creating application design with Material Design to use the best practice in this manner. We are used to these types of interfaces these days, and we create an app where the design is intuitive for end users.

The application is responsive, which means that the whole interface scales to a user’s device. Regarding that, users can easily access the system from phones or tablets.

Technologies used

.NET CóręVuejsIdentity serverNuxtDockerMicrosoft sql server

Post-implementation support

After the project production launch, we stay in constant touch with our clients and create new modules and features. The application is still continuously developed, and we, a supplier, sincerely believe in the project's potential.