BEZPROBLEM.EU Website for Bezproblem brand


Project goals

The main goal of the project was to increase brand recognition of the Bezproblem brand and to attract more job candidates.

Without a well-made website, it's hard to grow a business these days. Hence, we undertook to support the Bezproblem company in this step.

Why were we chosen?

We have been recommended by the RAVAPI company, for which we previously implemented a proprietary website. It was significant proof to trust our professionalism.

Scope of work

  • Preparation of a graphic template
  • Coordination of graphic works
  • Creation of a proprietary website
  • Service for many website languages, incl. Russian, English, and Polish
  • Allowing potential candidates to contact via the form

Way of collaboration

For the purposes of this project, we outsourced some graphic work to an external graphic designer, previously agreeing on the competencies and method of coordination with the client. When the graphic design passed the phase of corrections and acceptance, we started the implementation of our original website.

Throughout the production process, we were in constant contact by e-mail and telephone. We created a test instance, thanks to which it was possible to freely track the progress of our work and test the operation of selected elements.


As part of the project, we created a website with a modern, clean, and well-organized appearance. As a result, access to information is intuitive and easy.

The website is fully responsive and allows visitors to choose between Russian, English, and Polish. We've added a well-crafted contact form to help visitors stay connected with the company.

We implemented the entire project from start to finish, starting with design, development, SEO, and ending with server management and implementation.

Hundreds of people visit the website, which translates into a significant increase in the website's recognition and an increase in the number of inquiries from potential job candidates. The effect is measured thanks to connected tools such as Google Analytics.

Technologies used

.NET CóręNuxtDocker

Post-implementation support

We are constantly in touch with the Bezproblem company, ready to take action for them. The website does not require our attention for a long time, but we can see that it continues to do its job well.