SMITHINGSYSTEMS.COM Our Proprietary Website

Screenshot of smithing systems website

Project goals

We also had to take care of our correct image on the web. Often the topic of our website was relegated to the background, in the view of the intensity of design work that we carry out for our clients.

After a few months of operation of the website, a need arose to implement a tool that would allow us to modify the content faster and easier, to always present customers with up-to-date information about our activities.

Why did we do it ourselves?

Modesty will not speak for us. We consider ourselves great craftsmen in the field of software development, so we did all the work ourselves.

Scope of work

  • Preparation of a graphic template,
  • Creation of a proprietary website,
  • Website service in English and Polish,
  • Allowing visitors to contact us via the contact form,
  • Managing the content and page layout from the administration panel

Way to do it

We carried out the project in the same way as for our clients. We do not skip the stages of the development process just because we do it for ourselves. Therefore, we first prepared a graphic design that we thoroughly check up at an angle of the information provided.

After preparing the template, we started creating our proprietary website, which we later integrated with the content management tool.


We created a website with a modern, clean, and well-organized look. As a result, access to information is intuitive and easy.

The website is fully responsive, so you can easily use the website on mobile devices and computers. We made the design, presenting a modern and technological attitude, so the colors and graphics facilitate the reception of the content. We have added a well-crafted contact form to help visitors stay in touch with us.

Furthermore, we implemented the management panel using the Orchard Core tool and our modules. Thanks to this, we have a lot of freedom in modifying and adding new content to the website.

We completed the entire project from start to finish, from design, development, SEO, to server management and implementation.

Technologies used


Constant development

We constantly see new needs related to our website, and we try to save time to take care of our visitors.

One of the things we are planning for the near future is to create a knowledge base to provide our clients and all interested parties with more reliable information in terms of software development.