RAVAPI.EU Custom Website for RAVAPI Transport Company

Screenshot of ravapi.eu website along with register form in the back.

Project goals

The implementation of this project had two goals.

One of them was to increase brand recognition and encourage future candidates to cooperate with a partner.

The second, much more demanding one, was to enable the candidates to self-registration with the receipt of automatically generated documents needed to start cooperation. This goal was demanding due to the specificity of the candidate and his limited skills in handling electronic devices.

Why were we chosen?

They found us via LinkedIn. The certainty as to the choice of us as a solution provider appeared after several meetings, during which we tried to jointly develop a strategy, we explained the essence of the problem and its solution as well as potential development plans for the future.

Scope of work


  • Creation of a proprietary website,
  • Service for multiple website languages, incl. Russian, English, and Polish,
  • Creating a calculator for self-forecasting of the payment,
  • Creating a driver/courier registration form,
  • Automatic generation of documents needed to start cooperation
  • Allowing potential candidates to contact via the form

Way of collaboration

Our cooperation began with determining the needs, defining the client's specificity, and designing a graphic template. When the graphic design passed the phase of corrections and acceptance, we started the implementation of our proprietary website.

Throughout the implementation process, we were in constant touch by e-mail and telephone. We created a test instance, thanks to which it was possible to freely track the progress of our work and test the operation of selected elements.


As part of the project, we created a proprietary website. The website contains a registration form for candidates for drivers or couriers. In addition, one of the website modules automatically generates contracts and includes an e-mail sending system to deliver documents directly to applicants.

We have focused heavily on accessibility to give visitors easy access to the information they require and allow them to register to start cooperation.

Every day, dozens of drivers register via the form, which allows RAVAPI to grow at a tremendous pace.

Technologies used

.NET CóręVuejsDocker

Post-implementation support

We stay in touch all the time and introduce new improvements to the appearance, functioning of the website, and performance to maximize the possibility of acquiring new candidates for cooperation.