Our services

Dedicated software

Creating dedicated software for companies is our main business activity. Aside from software development and solution implementation, we make precise analysis, business process optimization, graphic interface project in modern style, and after-deploy support as a part of this service.

We mainly produce systems from the web applications area. Our willingness and expertise allow us to make also mobile and desktop applications.

Our leading technology is .NET. Created by Microsoft and gained a lot of recognition of corporate software development. To support the leading technology, We are specialized in JavaScript also. That allows us to create a modern and scalable user interface.


Creating startups’ projects is quite similar to creating dedicated solutions. The main difference is in the development process. According to our best knowledge, We are trying to define appropriate clients’ profiles and adjust the application to give the clients the best possible accessibility, design, and user experience.

Cooperating with us gives an advantage of know-how and helps your application to enter the market. Depending on requirements, we can create MVP, integrate the app with online payment providers or even help you with progress verification. We also offer technical support with developing further modules or infrastructure for your application.